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A Paradigm Shift in Chatbot
From A Mere Information Provider
To An Actual Problem Solver

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Innovate your customer journey, effortlessly. From frontline customer interaction to backend GPT production.

We Provide Accurate & Privacy-Preserving
LLM Solutions for Enterprises
Our Cutting-Edge AI Technology

No Hallucination
Generation Technology
Our Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology prioritizes accuracy by searching for reliable sources before generating any response.
Named Entity Recognition Technology
Our cypher-watermark & Named entity recogntion (NER) technology allow the AI to connect to your data without actually seeing or storing sensitive personal information.
Long Term Memory Bank
Our long-term memory solution can save every information from customer interaction to shape the next interaction even more personal and engaging.

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Solve customer complaints immediately, as accurately as your human agent.
  • Trouble-shoot complaints from customers with an AI chatbot that can empathize and engage like a real human
  • Get started quickly with our no-code chatbot builder platform

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Custom GPT solutions for your business. Get started with our no-code platform.
  • Upload any business data to tailor your GPT to best
    work for your business
  • Immediately test the solution with over 1,000+
    examples before deploying an API
Take A Glimpse at Our Cutting-Edge Solution!
We Prevent Hallucination
by searching the right source of data based on the Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology

We Provide Hyper-Personalized Experiences
by connecting customer data (including age, gender, purchase pattern) to our solution

We Nudge Purchases
by recommending relevant products or information to influence purchasing decisions

We Provide Most Up-to-Date Data
by connecting to up-to-date information and contents of a specific company

Bringing value across different brands

Wecover can handle long, complicated things like insurance policy documents. It has achieved the automation and is expected to improve our customer service.

Samsung Life Insurance

Our hosts are usually overwhelmed with an influx of customer messages. Despite our attempts to develop chatbots internally, customization and providing accurate responses based on documents while empathizing with customers proved to be challenging. However, Wecover came to the rescue and addressed all these pain points in just one day.

Vacatio (Hautrip)

Unlike other AI tools, Wecover is very accurate. We’re using it in many ways, from creating marketing content and legal chatbots to analyzing legal cases.

Vice President
Law & Good

We started as a team of PhDs from MIT & Harvard,
driving innovation and making our mark in history!

  1. Partnership with Samsung Insurance and Law&Good

  2. 2023

    Launched Publishd, a gen AI for Researchers

  3. Pre-Seed Funding (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  4. Pre-seed Funding (Kakao Ventures, Smilegate Investment, Yellowdog) AI Risk Modeling Patent Application

  5. 2022

    Established HQ in the US (Cambridge, MA) Award Winning Champion at Korean New Deal AI Competition

  6. MIT Startup Funding

  7. 2021

    Award Winning Champion at 2021 IEEE ISBI